Learn Spanish language, as well as Mexican culture and traditions

Learn Spanish language, as well as Mexican culture and traditions

Learn Spanish
language, as well
as Mexican culture
and traditions

SOL is a virtual school that uses innovative and effective educational methods to teach students the Spanish language and Mexican culture.

Our students learn Spanish through Mexican stories, legends, music, and a deep immersion into the Mexican culture and traditions. The classes are taught by Mexican teachers with vast experience in childhood education and are highly trained on online instruction.

Our curriculum and teaching materials have been carefully crafted by linguistic and pedagogical experts specializing in childhood education in bilingual settings.

Benefits of taking Spanish
language and Mexican
culture classes

It has been proven that bilingual and bicultural children develop highly intelligent minds, helping them to improve their performance in mathematics, reading, and writing both in Spanish and English.

Children who master both languages and cultures can maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family from both cultures, allowing them, as a result, to develop a clear sense of identity as a Mexican-American.

In today’s climate, the ability to interact in a bilingual and bicultural fashion is more important than ever, providing significant competitive advantages in both academic and professional opportunities.

Receiving a formal education taught by qualified professionals is essential to achieve complete fluency of the Spanish language as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the Mexican culture, history, and literature.

Class Options And Pricing

  • SOL offers Spanish language group and private classes for children between 3 and 18 years old.
  • SOL’s group classes are determined by age and Spanish proficiency level.
  • Class duration is based on age:
    • Group classes for students 3-4 years old, meet 2 times a week for 30 min. sessions.
    • Group classes for students between 4 and 13 years-old meet 3 times a week for 50 min. sessions. Students in these age groups also have the option to join the group class only 2 times/week.
    • Group classes for students between 14-18 years old meet 2 times a week for 50 min. sessions.
  • SOL offers the following proficiency levels for all age groups:
  • Basic beginner, Regular beginner, Beginner advanced, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • SOL’s private/one-on-one classes can be tailored to the student’s availability and Spanish proficiency level.
  • Pricing is based on the number of classes/week and duration of each session.

Monthly Rates for SOL’s Spanish Classes


3 group classes/week  (13 classes/month)

2 group classes/week  (8-9 classes/month)

1 private class/week

30-mins classes




50 mins classes

$165/month$   130/month (sibling)

$135/month$  115/month (sibling)

$150/month (1 student) $210/month (2 students)

Tuition fees
and discounts

By taking SOL lessons, students can take advantage of all the academic and personal benefits of being completely bilingual and bicultural. The cost for 13 classes of 50 minutes each is $197.00 per month (3 classes per week). We are currently offering an opening promotional price of $165.00 per month, or $12.70 per class. We offer additional discounts for siblings.

We believe it is important for our potential students’ families to experience our classes before committing to this investment. To this extent, we offer a free trial period for prospective students (3 free classes).