Our Mission

SOL’s mission is to offer children living outside of Mexico access to top quality education in Spanish that will allow them to take full advantage of being bilingual and bicultural. Some of the benefits include developing a highly intelligent mind, having a clear sense of identity, and having a competitive advantage in both professional and academic settings.

At SOL, we believe that children who receive a high-quality education can reach their true potential through access to the best academic and professional opportunities. Therefore, SOL has assembled a team of committed and innovative teachers, pedagogues, linguists, and educational researchers to headline a team willing to create the best possible educational setting to learn the Spanish language and Mexican culture.

Our Team

Milu Nikolic,

A banker and entrepreneur, Milu has over 25 years of experience in investment banking in Europe and the United States.  He co-founded SAVA school, which is dedicated to teaching Serbian language and culture to children of the Serbian diaspora. He also co-founded Tesla, the largest investment bank in Serbia.

He holds an MBA from Harvard University and a B.S. from the St. Gallen and Lausanne Universities.

Erendira Matzumura,
Co-Founder and Executive Director

An entrepreneur and mother interested in childhood education, Erendira has experience in operations, and business development on a variety of industries including banking, healthcare, education, and tourism. She has founded two non-profit organizations, one dedicated to providing education to low-income teenagers in Mexico, and the second one to provide support services to Mexican immigrants in New York.

She holds an MBA from Harvard University and a B.S from the ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico de México)

Monica Miranda,
SOL Academic Director

A Mexican professor and specialist in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Mónica has 9 years of experience teaching different leves of Spanish in school, private, and volunteer settings. She worked at community centers helping returned children from the U.S., adapt to the Mexican educational system She believes on the importance of designing classes that make her students feel part of the Mexican culture beyond a conversational level.

She holds a graduate degree on teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the UNAM and a B.A. in law from the UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México).

She often say: “I love teaching and learning from my students!”

José Luis García Camacho,
SOL Academic Director

Education professional with more than 12 years of international experience in formal education, non-formal education, preschool, recreation and language teaching. 

UNAM and CENEVAL Preschool Education and Pedagogy graduate.